Thursday, October 13, 2011


So the post I'm currently analyzing doesn't really have a lot figurative language.  Thus I was thwarted in my efforts to find some good similes, hyperboles, or onomatopoeias. I was looking forward to finding some good ones because I love saying those words.  But never fear: I did find some; they're not so great but nonetheless I did find them.

The first one is a metaphor.  At first I thought it might be a vague simile, but doesn't have "like" or "as" therefore I don't think it can technically be a simile.  So I'm pretty it falls under the classification of metaphor.

The author says, "... in a country run by billionaire oligarchs and their political pawns..."  Basically the author is saying that the true rulers of Russia are a few very wealthy people who are controlling the "leaders" of the nation through manipulation. Now, I don't know if this really counts because it very well could be true.

Later on in that same paragraph, we find a much better example of a metaphor. The author says, "Cold Peace remains chilling." This is a wonderful example of a metaphor. He is saying that even though the Cold War is over we are still threatened by the dangerous arsenal of Russian weapons and equates this to a cold chill.

Other than that, I didn't really find any figurative language.  I guess the author isn't really into the whole "Rosy fingered dawn creeping over the hills" stuff.


  1. You should be proud of the fact that you did find some, and that you didn't give up! I commend you for your pursuit of figurative language!

  2. I agree finding and categorizing figurative language can be hard, especially when there isn't much figurative language to find.

  3. So true. Mine was like strictly informational 100%. I don't see a lot of chances to use figurative language in that kind of writing. Mine was rhetorical question.. haha so I don't really know if mine counts either! :/