Friday, October 21, 2011

Peer Review

So I'm writing about what I think of the way we did peer reviews in class today.  I feel as though it was a much better way to do it (as opposed to the way we did it for the OpEds).  I think that because we had more than one person reading our essay we got a wider range of opinions.  We were also given time before class to read over the work we were going to be critiquing.  This enabled us to be able to give more accurate feedback.

So basically, I think that the way we did peer review today was much more effective that the way we did it previously.


  1. Ha, short and to the point. I totally agree. No one likes being critiqued one on one. Just gets uncomfortable and feels like your attacking each other back and forth.

  2. I agree, with the time that we had we were able to better revise and I think help each other out.