Friday, October 7, 2011

Microsoft Word's suggestions

So I'm working on my Rhetorical Analysis and I typed the sentence, "He talks about innocent civilians being ruthlessly beheaded by gangs in Mexico and the possibility of rogue scientists, and governments funding terrorists." Microsoft word underlined this sentence in green, meaning it thought there was a grammar error. When I looked at the suggestion it said that the sentence should read "Gangs in Mexico and the possibility of rogue scientists and the governments funding terrorists ruthlessly behead he talks about innocent civilians." 

I am baffled and amazed by MS Word's powers of... I don't even know what....

Anyway, just wanted to share this amusing anecdote with you!



  1. It sure seems like the second makes sense....not. It truly does amaze me how dumb Microsoft word can be with its corrections. Like when you type a word and miss it by one letter and when you right click it will give you a list of ten other words that aren't really that close but wont give you the word that's one letter away. Like I just typed "arnt" and it gave me: rant, art, ant, tarn, and aunt. So where is aren't?

  2. I agree.. Ha ha. As much as I love MW for doing most of the hard stuff for me it isn't as smart as I wish it was.

  3. Haha that is pretty funny. I always get frustrated when I'll write a sentence that will be underlined and when I right click on it it'll say, "Consider revising". What does that mean??

  4. Wow... Microsoft Word definitely needs some improving